What Every High School, College, or Professional Athlete Needs To Know About Using Their Sport to Earn the Success They Deserve...
HIGH SCHOOL: If you are an athlete or parent of an athlete, I will teach you how to gain exposure, earn a scholarship, and brand yourself like a pro! 
Millions of other sports parents have stressed, spent sleepless nights, and paid thousands of dollars to help their athletes earn an athletic scholarship. Some without success...
Discover The Secrets That Every Former Athlete Wished They'd Known!


"Tywanna has been my business manager since I was drafted in the 2008 NBA Draft. She has helped me grow my brand and maintain some valuable relationships through her personality, connections, and professionalism."


"I think it is a necessity that NFL players have a healthy and strong network of positive people and entities when they transition to the professional level and to new cities. I would advise any new/traded player to connect with qualified business professionals like Tywanna who can help make their transitions smooth and successful."
High School
Do you know what it takes to earn an athletic SCHOLARSHIP? Do you want to save money and ensure your readiness in the process? 

This coaching system is for high school athletes and their parents, and the goal is to earn a college scholarship.

Included in your coaching system:
• How to get more exposure without breaking the bank

• What college coaches REALLY look for

• The TRUTH about ranking systems and why they matter

• The LOW-DOWN on the National Letter of Intent

• Comparing tournaments, combines, and showcases for exposure

• How To determine if you are REALLY being recruited



What you can do RIGHT NOW to increase your profssional chances ? What questions should you ask as you transition from college athlete to pro?

This coaching system is for college athletes, and the goal is a smooth, informed transition to the pros!

Included in your coaching system:
 • Start strong, finish stronger: 
The Perfect Rookie Year Business System

• What they don’t tell you about the pre-draft process

• The financial topics you need to know NOW

• How to choose the RIGHT Agent

• Developing a SECOND SKILL now

• Expanding your NETWORK through NETWORKING


Who will teach you how to structure your BUSINESS as a pro player? Do you understand the importance of branding yourself, and not your athletic potential? How do you prepare for your life after? 

This coaching system is for professional athletes and their families, and the goal is financial security, business literacy, and a smooth post-career transition.

Included in your coaching system:
• The certainties of life as a pro: 

• Why your brand is YOU and not your TALENT

• Going with the CASH FLOW

• Why your OFF-SEASON is the most important SEASON you’ll play

• Who's on an athlete's PROFESSIONAL Team

• The REAL Power of the Power of Attorney

• Matching your IDENTITY with your POST-CAREER

  •  Short, Actionable Tutorial Videos That Will Teach You How To Take Advantage of Opportunities During Your Sports Career 
  •  Access To Sports Industry Secrets, Exposure Tips, and Business Strategies Used By The Most Successful Athletes 
  •  Step By Step Planning Resources, Such As Timelines, Worksheets, Checklists, Etc. 
  •  A FREE Copy Of My Best-Selling Book “Surviving the Lights” 
  •   Social Media Support Group Access With Other Sports Professionals and Peers 
  •  Monthly Mastermind Sessions With Professional Athletes 
  •  & MORE!
Most COLLEGE & PRO Athletes Don’t Understand the Sport Process and the Opportunities They Have To Escape Poverty and Build Their Communities. What if There Was a Resource That Taught Young Athletes What To Look For, What to Avoid, and How to Evaluate Opportunties? With So many struggling, but talented players, the game needs an answer - and here it is! #SurvivingtheLights
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Tywanna Smith
Tywanna Smith, President & Founder of The Athlete’s NeXus, has several years of experience working with professional athletes in a financial and business capacity. Smith earned her Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) in Marketing and her Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) from The University of Mississippi (Ole Miss). She was also a four-year starter for the SEC program’s women’s basketball team, eventually taking her talents to Europe for a 2-year professional career.

Upon retirement from professional athletics, Smith entered the corporate world with Merrill Lynch, as a Financial Advisor to several professional athletes. In addition to handling her client’s finances, Smith has also managed the business and marketing affairs of several current and retired NBA, NFL, and overseas athletes. Over the past 11 years, Smith has helped over two dozen professional athletes protect their assets, evaluate business opportunities, secure marketing endorsements, coordinate community service events and appearances, start non-profit organizations, and make significant life decisions.She has also connected her clients with reputable industry specialists, such as attorneys, accountants, real estate specialists, travel agents, publicists, custom clothiers, and personal trainers.

As a Registered Financial Representative, Entrepreneur, and Best-Selling Author of Surviving the Lights: A Professional Athlete’s Playbook to Avoiding the Curse, Tywanna takes pride in her business professionalism and integrity. Her mission is to EDUCATE & EMPOWER athletes, to ELEVATE the game! She is committed to helping professional athletes become better citizens, better role models, and better businessmen.

For more information on Tywanna Smith, visit www.tywannasmith.com
Questions? Contact us at info@survivingthelights.com.
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