What Every High School Athlete Needs To Know About Becoming A PROFESSIONAL Athlete - Both Inside & Outside The Lines...

HIGH SCHOOL: If you are a High School Administrator, Athletic Director, Counselor, or Coach, I will Help You Engage Your Student-Athletes, Improve Their Decision Making, and Develop Them For Life Through and Outside The Game! 
Millions of coaches and school administrators stress about preparing student-athletes for life beyond sports. It can be a struggle to keep players eligible, develop them personally and professionally, and prepare them  for their transition beyond high school. We know you only have so many hours in the day, so we are here to help! 
Bridge The Gap Between Administrators, Athletes, and Parents With Programming Based On Brain Research & Psychology!
"The PROReady workshop series covered so many things we don't have the time to cover with every player and parent one-on-one. Our coaching staff tells them what they need to do, but sometimes, the players tune us out because they are around us so much. It was a great experience to have people they can relate to come in and teach each week. Great off-season work!"

-High school basketball coach, AR 
"We preach excellence to our players each and every day. I think some players still struggle to understand what level of excellence is required of them on and off the field. Having relatable people sharing relevant, relatable information in a way today's teens enjoy is critical to their success. This has been a great program for our students and parents - who sometimes, get left out of the conversation."

-High school football coach, AR
"Tywanna is brilliant! Very accomplished Black woman helping all athletes, but especially Black athletes. Her book, Surviving the Lights, has been a favorite amongst the athletes in my district. She always shares things we may not focus on but that our kids need to know and do! Book her to speak, buy her book, invest in whatever she offers. She gets it!"

-High school counselor, MS
Many athletes dream of one day playing professional sports, but unfortunately, there is not a standardized educational resource available to teach them how to navigate to the top. Until now.

This best-selling book can be purchased as a teaching tool and activity guide for basketball and football athletes and their parents. It is also used in the PROReady High School Workshop Series. Bulk discounts are available to groups of 100 or more.
Virtual Program

Many programs, speakers, and workshops assume that athletes understand basic sports and business concepts and know how to apply them. They don't.

This virtual program has different levels of educational content for high school, college, and professional athletes, and it offers over three dozen 5-minute videos explaining business concepts, financial concepts, and major professional decision-making processes. It shares the WHAT and the HOW.

Workshop Series

Why wait until an athlete is in college or the pros to preapre them for success outside the lines? When high school athletes are prepared for careers, business, and professional development, it makes their college and professional journeys smoother. The sooner, the better! 

This workshop series combines the Surviving the Lights resources in an interactive and engaging learning environment over time. It bridges communication gaps between coaches, counselors, administrators, parents, and athletes in an effort to develop the players personally and professionally for a smooth transition beyond high school.

  • 8-Weeks Of Customizable Workshops, Complete With Activities, Case Studies, And Engaging Development Discussion Topics
  • ​Facilitator Training Packet, Collaboration Tools, and Comprehensive Metrics System
  • ​ Short, Actionable Tutorial Videos That Will Teach Your Athletes How To Take Advantage of Opportunities During Their Sports Career 
  • ​Weekly Knowledge Checks And Assignments With Outcomes & Behaviors Clearly Defined
  •  Access To Sports Industry Secrets, Exposure Tips, and Business Strategies Used By The Most Successful Athletes 
  •  Step By Step Planning Resources, Such As Timelines, Worksheets, Checklists, Etc. 
  •  A FREE Copy Of My Best-Selling Book “Surviving the Lights” Or Other Professional Development Book
  •   Social Media Support Group Access With Other Sports Professionals, Parents, And Peers 
  •  Weekly Advice And Mentorship From Former College & Professional Athletes 
  •  & MORE!
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Tywanna Smith
Tywanna Smith has experience working with NBA, NFL, WNBA, and overseas players for over a decade. Because of her personal experience as a professional athlete and her business acumen, she understands the critical preparation and development that today's athletes need to capitalize off their platforms.
  As President and Founder of The Athlete's Nexus, Smith emphasizes professional development, personal marketing, and business management strategies to create long-term success for athletes. Smith earned her degree in Marketing and her MBA from SEC-contender Ole Miss, before taking her basketball talent to Europe for a two-year career as a professional athlete. After retiring from professional athletics, Smith entered the corporate world with Merrill Lynch, as a Registered Financial Advisor to several professional athletes. Smith found herself helping her professional athlete clients protect their assets, build and monetize successful brands, coordinate community initiatives, secure marketing endorsements, and prepare for life after the game. 
Smith has transitioned from managing athletes to teaching them the game. To better prepare young athletes for their time in the 'lights,' Smith created a written blueprint for the aspiring professional athlete, and it quickly became a best-seller. The success of her book inspired her to create a game-changing personal and professional development coaching system, Surviving the Lights, to share industry secrets and strategies for athletes at each level of their sports journey. She is truly changing the game, one athlete at a time! Smith has also hosted workshops on athlete identity, leadership, professional development, career transition, and branding. Smith works with high school programs, college programs, and professional athletes, and she helps them implement the strategies needed to maximize career opportunities through her book, personal and professional development workshops, and her virtual coaching program. She believes that all athletes should use their sport experiences to earn the success they deserve. Learn to earn! 
Smith has been recognized by several national media outlets, and she has earned many awards for her work with athletes. She was also recently inducted into the West Memphis Sports Hall of Fame. Smith has shared her resources with thousands of student-athletes and professional athletes across the NFL, the SEC, dozens of high schools, and several professional sports organizations. 

For more information on Tywanna Smith, visit www.tywannasmith.com
Want PROReady? Surviving the Lights resources? Questions? Contact us at info@survivingthelights.com.
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